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Hi : )

I’m Sarah Rodriguez.

I grew up in a tourist town on the coast of southern New Jersey. My life was pretty limited to a 7×3 mile beach island until I graduated Ocean City High School in 2022 and moved to San Diego, CA for my first year of college. After a semester of school in North Jersey, I took the spring off school and spent a few months solo backpacking Europe. Now, I’m attending the University of Miami.

In other news, I love coffee (oat milk lattes always), hate the cold (and yet am somehow always freezing), am a decent cake decorator (shoutout Dot’s Pastry Shop), have a constant desire to self-express (in any and all ways possible), enjoy proving people wrong (as my sister would say), love driving more than any other pastime (I’m sorry mother earth ily), own too many shoes (though I’d argue that’s impossible), am always reading at least one book (send me recs pls), am usually rocking ten different nail colors (and ten different rings), fill quiet with music (spotify wrapped day might be my favorite holiday), am working on becoming trilingual (mais après presque six ans d’apprentissage du français, il reste encore un long chemin à parcourir, y ni siquiera preguntes cómo va el español) always appreciate a good bagel (as a born and raised Jersey girl it’s in my blood), and some things I love include family, opportunities to be creative, opening new makeup products, people watching, finding thrift store gems, warm lights, learning new things, the ocean, cookie dough ice cream, decorating with plants, post workout highs, making lists, feeling sunshine on my skin, and, apparently, horrifically long run on setences.